Second Prayer Schedule

Heavenly Father, we pray for our financial giving. We ask that it might be used for your glory and the furtherance of your kingdom. Amen.

Heavenly Father, Creator and Sustainer, we bring before your our financial gifts given online. All that we have has come undeserved from your gracious hand. Out of the abundance of what you have given to us we bring these gifts to you. Amen.

Gracious God, we bring back these gifts to you as a token of thanks for all your gifts, most especially the pricelerss gift of your son. We ask that these funds be used wisely that he might be honoured and glorified in our city anf throughout the world. Amen.

Heavenly Father, thank you we can be part of a church family with amazingly gifted people and for all the delightful ways people serve one another as the body of Christ with humility and grace. And we thank you that we can all serve in the ministry of financial supporting the work of the gospel together as you enable us to do so. Father, you can do your work without us, and so we ask that, whether our contribution is large or small, you would fill us with joy and a sense of privilege that we can join you in the work that matters for all eternity. Please give wisdom to our Committee of Management as they oversee our finances and steward the building you have provided us in this strategic location in the city. HF, take us and use us for your glory and that many in our city might come to know you. Amen.

(An example prayer of thanks for our city)
Gracious God,

You have given us life and all things for our enjoyment. We give you thanks for our city, for its golden beaches, for its harbor, its bridges parks, and buildings, its energy and colour.

For its prosperity, its peace and safety, we give you thanks and praise. Forgive us when we take these things for granted.

Father, as you created a world of astonishing variety, we thank you for the diversity of this amazing city. For all those, from the original inhabitants onward, who have come to this place and made it their home. We give you thanks for the way they have enriched us.

Yet Father, although we acknowledge the good things we have from your hand. So much in our city is not right. There is sin and evil, injustice and idolatry. Even in our own hearts.

Heavenly Father, help your people to love the people of this city, as you do. Stir us to work for its good. Most of all, arouse us from our indifference, that all around us are people, in need of Jesus. Father, in a city of such abundance, in your mercy, pour out your Spirit, that many might turn to the one who is the giver of all these good gifts. Transform your people, to be faithful ambassadors of your Greatest Gift, the Lord Jesus, that our lives and our love, our words and our deeds, might testify to the grace and love we have found in Him.

We pray for the work of the gospel across the city.

We pray that our church and other churches will be effective in reaching people with the gospel that many will become Christians and that many more churches will be planted across our city.

We pray especially for St Philips Anglican as its Rector Justin Moffat, Vine Church Surry Hills and its pastor Toby Neal, Chinese Presbyterian Surry Hills and its pastor Chris Chan, and St Andrews Cathedral and its dean Sandy Grant. Unite believers and churches across the city for the sake of reaching the lost for Christ.

We bring before you the many needs in our city and pray especially for the Bread of Life ministry to the homeless run by Vine Church in Surry Hills with which we partner. Equip those involved with all that is needed for this work.

We pray for our ministry to children and young people at Scots (babies, PreK, K-6, highschool students). We ask that young people in our church will continue to grow in their love and knowledge of God.

Pray that our kids’ church teachers and the mentors of high schoolers would faithfully and engagingly teach the gospel. We ask that parents by their words and actions will model wholehearted devotion to Christ.

We pray for schools and universities in our city and those who study and teach in them.
Give boldness to Uni students in our congregation to be faithful in their witness on campus.
Equip gospel groups on campus (AFES and Power to Change) to equip students to be ambassadors for Christ.

Make us a church that equips people to serve and honour Jesus in the church and in the world.

Thank you for those interns and church members who have been discipled and equipped at Scots and are now serving Jesus all over Australia and all over the world.

We pray for our interns and trainees [by name]… that they would find their time at Scots an encouragement to persevere in the service of your kingdom and a time that hones their skills and thinking that they might be useful in the work of the gospel.

You might wish to pray for the theological colleges in our city to be faithful and effective [don’t single out one college but pray in the plural and not by name]. Pray that God will raise up more appropriate workers for the harvest both here in Australia and beyond.

We pray for the work of the gospel all over the world and especially now pray for our prayer partner Paul Young church planting in Perth.

PRAY SPECIFICALLY FOR PAUL See his latest prayer letter. Contact our Administrator if you need help to locate it!

We pray that you will continue to strengthen our Leadership Group David, Joe, James, Andy, LJ and Dhanu, and give them wisdom to love and serve our church family.

Give our Management Committee wisdom and energy as they manage the resources God has given our church family.

Bestow wisdom on our staff – Craig, Jess, Luke and Matt – as they equip your people for lives of service.

Give all our leaders and all those who serve, whether up front or behind the scenes, willing hearts and joy in their service.

Give us hearts that are quick to honour and encourage our leaders.

Pray for our nation. (Include any timely national issues.) Our federal government and its leaders.

Pray for state government. You might wish to pray for our public institutions: Hospitals, ICAC, those who serve in the courts, in our police and in the military, etc.

Pray for the marginalised and voiceless in our nations – especially indigenous people and migrant communities.

Enable us to be faithful ambassadors of Christ in our work, whether in paid employment, as students, at home or in volunteer roles. Enable us to commend Christ by serving with integrity and faithfulness.

We ask that those in our church family in positions of authority in their workplaces would grasp the opportunity to good, and commend Christ in the way they watch over those they are responsible for.

We ask that our corporate institutions – our banks, insurance companies and other corporations – would be places free from corruption and exploitation but instead be instruments for doing good.

Pray for the ministry City Bible Forum. Pray for Martin Chung who works for CBF and is part of our church family. You might want to contact him ahead of Sunday for brief prayer points.

Thank you for the diversity of people in our church family – from different nations, different walks of life, different ages and stages. Enable us to express our unity in Christ as we will grow in our devotion to one another and to the gospel.

Give us a concern for the lost and work through us to bring people to Christ. Grant us boldness and wisdom to commend Christ to others.

Thank you for the many opportunities we have to hear your Word together – on Sundays, in Hub Groups and one-to-one. Help those who teach us the Bible to be clear and faithful. Enable them to live out the truth they teach.

May our Hub groups be places where we are growing in our knowledge of God and our desire to serve him. Help us to support and care for one another with Christ-like love and compassion. Help us to weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice.

No set items! 

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