Music Team Job Description

Why does this matter?
The music team, working closely with the AV team and the
Service Leader, lead us as we engage our hearts and minds
in extolling God’s greatness in song.

Music Team Member
Before the Day

  • Learn the songs before you turn up by practising at home. This is a way of making sure your time together is not spent learning the song, but working out how to present the songs together as a team. Use the lyrics on the Runsheet – this is what will appear on Sunday. Contact your Team Leader if the slides need changing.

On the Day

  • Arrive at 9am to do a ‘run through’ and be ready to start on time. Check with the Leader as to who is introducing songs, etc. Work constructively and generously as a team, under the direction of the team leader. Remind one another of the way music is a ministry to the congregation.
  • Practice singing using the lyrics on the monitor (the hard copy of the song might be different to the projector!)
  • 10:15am – be part of the prayer for all involved on the platform.

At the end:

  • Leave the music area tidy and put away all music.
  • If there has been a problem with song lyrics, music needing correction, stuff missing, let the Music Co-ordinator know so we can fix it for next time.

Music Team Leader
Early in the week

  • Look at the scheduled songs and assess the ability of the team to execute these songs early in the week. If appropriate, remind team members of new songs or any songs needing extra attention. Feel free to suggest a song change to the Music Co-ordinator if as the need arises. Access the runsheet here.

Lead the team on the day

  • Arrive a few minutes before the band.
  • Ensure child protection protocols are followed. In particular, don’t allow yourself, or other team members, to be alone in a private area with a team member under 18 years of age.
  • Get the sheet music out.
  • Assist setting up instruments and plugging into the PA were needed.
  • Start rehearsal with prayer.
  • Guide rehearsal so music style and arrangement helps enhance the gospel-words we are singing. Simplify anything too difficult to achieve.
  • 10:15am – platform prayer: liaise with the appointed Service Leader for the general flow of the service: song introductions, when musicians enter/exit stage, etc as needed.
  • Pack up: File away sheet music. Ensure music team has packed up equipment to our default stage setup (two keyboards and lecture only).

Music Co-ordinator
The music co-ordinators work behind the scenes to keep things organised.

  • Roster the music team
  • Manage last minute drop-outs.
  • Maintain the playlist. Add new songs (subject to Craig’s approval). When new songs are introduced, source the sheet music, lodge CCLI copyright, ensure that new lyrics and sheet music are added to Elvanto (not ProPresenter). Ensure that sheet music resources are in order.
  • Consults with AV team on AV issues.
  • Recruit and train new team members and team leaders (subject to approval by the Serve Director).
  • Further details of the coordinator role can be found here.

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