Serve Director Job Description

The Serve Director is the Coordinator of the Coordinators. 

Why Does This Matter?

God calls the church to be a body where each part serves in harmony for the good of the body, in the service of the gospel and for the glory of God. The Serve Director is a vital role in ensuring cohesion between teams and that our various parts work together toward the same overall mission. 

The Ongoing Role 

The Serve Director is the coordinator of the coordinators. The role involves…

  • oversees various serve teams chiefly by supporting the Coordinators. (See the team tab in the runsheet for a full list of teams.) 
  • liaises closely with the Session and acts when authorised to do so on behalf of the Session (e.g. ensuring that BTS standards are met) and ensures the Session is informed of any critical incidents.  

The Serve Director is currently the BTS Coordinator. 

The Specific Sunday Role 

In Elvanto, someone will be designated to serve for each Sunday in this role. In your absence you will always appoint someone else to serve in this role. If this role is unassigned it reverts to the senior minister. 

  • Be on site by 10am and contactable by phone from 9am, in order to liaise with Coordinators, and the Music Team Leader and AV Team when things don’t go to plan (for example, tech issues). 
  • Consult well before making big calls. 
  • Address the (fairly rare) situation where a coordinator drops out of overseeing their team (Kids Church, Greet Team, etc.) and are not able to source an appropriate replacement. They may contact you midweek or just fail to show up due to misadventure. Any appointment you make of an acting Coordinator or to replace yourself must be someone who is BTS compliant. See the BTS Report here
  • Along with the Greet Coordinator on Duty and Platform Coordinator on duty, you are the Fire Warden
  • Let Coordinators (Music, AV, Greet, Kids Church, etc.) run their teams but be ready to step in and give support when requested. (For example, a call needs to be made last minute that Kids Church can’t run because volunteers are unavailable. Last minute preacher unavailability.)
  • Ensure that church services and other ministries comply with our BTS Code of Conduct. 
  • Offer encouragement to those serving our church family. Look for opportunities to commend things that are being done well. Unless you have an up front role, don’t join the Platform Huddle at 10:15am but use this time while others are busy to look for people to be welcomed. 
  • Serving in this role does not preclude you from other roles provided you are available to respond to needs as required. (Roles in Kids Church and AV desk where it is not easily to drop the role quickly are less suitable.) 
  • Most weeks you will have little to do, but you need to be ready and available for when things go wrong. 

This Job Description should be read in conjunction with the Scots Church Sydney Mission and Values.

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