Serve at Scots

Coming together to love & serve

Participate. Collaborate. Get involved and help us make a difference in the city.

Love God & others with your gifts

No matter what gifts God has or has not given you there will be a way to get involved and serve others at Scots. We see serving as a way to love others and serve God’s mission in our city. Every role requires some kind of screening and training. Look at the job description or ask the coordinator for details. Don’t worry. You aren’t locking yourself in to serve in this way every week forever. You can specify how often you are available (for example once every 4-6 weeks). Roles are re-evaluated every 6 months and you can stop any time you need to. This means even if you are around for only a short time there are ways to get involved.

Start Serving

Want to learn more about how to get invovled in serving at Scots? Fill out our serving form and  our team will get back to you with opportunities.

Role Descriptions

For our members, you can view our regular role descriptions for the area you serve in at Scots on our church database. You’ll need to login to view these.