Church Lunch Job Description

Why does this matter?

In a fast-paced city context, genuine relationship and conversation can be hard to come by.  Church Lunch is an opportunity to foster deeper connections and have longer conversations over food. This Job Description covers the Prep Team (Team Leader and Team Member) and Clean up Team (Team Leader and Team Member) as well as Lunch Coordinator.

Prep Team Team Leader

Before Sunday:

  • From one of our specified menus, shop and plan lunch for 80 people.
    (Cooking can be done on the Sunday on site or mid week, or both, you can delegate cook and prep roles to your team.) 
  • Submit a reimbursement form on Elvanto for all costs
  • Communicate with your team and with the Post Lunch Team Leader as required

On Sunday:

  • Arrive ahead of your team. 
  • Wash your hands. 
  • Direct your team to prepare food and set up tables before church (aim to be out of the kitchen by 10:10am) to give access to the morning tea team. It is noisy and distracting to be in the kitchen during church, please plan to be out of the kitchen until close to the close of church. 
  • Direct your team in serving lunch. Don’t put chairs around tables until after church as it clutters the area. Have a plan for seats being brought from the auditorium to the tables at the end of church. 
  • Liaise with the Lunch Coordinator, the person Leading Church or the Staff for announcements. Don’t get random people to announce stuff or pray. Normally we pray for lunch during Second Prayer so its not necessary to pray again. Church usually finishes at 11.45. Aim to start lunch at 12 noon.  
  • Hand over decisively to the Clean Up Team.

Team Members:

  • Arrive by 9am.  
  • Wash your hands. 
  • Under the direction of your Team Leader, help with food set up and set up tables and chairs. 
  • Set up a square device near the serving station (ask our administrator Matt Cain for help)!
    • The square instructions are here.
    • The square is kept near the bookstall.

Cleanup Team Leader

Before Sunday:

  • Communicate with your team and with the Pre Lunch Team Leader as required

On Sunday:

  • Ensure your team gets fed at the head of the queue so you can start the clean up in a timely way. 
  • By 1:15 pm or when dessert is served (whichever is earlier) rally your team. Lead them in the clean up tasks below. 
  • Confer with the Lunch Coordinator and then delegate who will take home table-clothes and tea towels that require washing. 
  • Report any breakages or other kitchen issues by email to

Cleanup Team Members:

On Sunday:

  • Get fed at the head of the queue so you can start the clean up in a timely way. By 1:15 pm or when dessert is served (whichever is earlier) report to your team leader.

The Dishwasher: 

  • Set up dishwasher trays in the kitchen window with a garbage bin in front of it. Avoid traffic in and out of the kitchen. 
  • Usually people will come and put their own plates and cutlery in the dishwasher tray. 
  • The dishwasher is the rate determining step. Keep it working by having the next load ready. Keep up with the drying. Two people should run the dishwasher and do the dry and stow, one should keep clearing up. 
  • Don’t over stack the dishwasher, it will take you longer in the end if things don’t clean properly
  • Dry with a clean tea towel afterwards and place back in their respective places
  • If after 4 or more runs, the water looks dirty, carefully pull out the plug, and once drained re-prep the dishwasher

Other Clean Up: 

  • Hand clean bigger pots in sink as needed
  • If appropriate, fill takeaway boxes and leave on the servery window. Throw out all leftover food.
    No food is to be kept overnight in the fridge. 
  • Pack away tables and chairs. 
  • Aim to be done before 1:45pm. We have another group in the building at 2pm. If they arrive early, as a safety issue, ask them politely to not come into the kitchen area until you are done. 
  • Unplug the dishwasher, press the green button once drained to turn off.

Where do things go?

  • Pots and pans: bottom drawers opposite the sink
  • Plates: under servery
  • Cutlery: in the drawers next to the plates
  • Large Serving Plates: to the right of the drawers with the pots and pans

Lunch Coordinator: 

  • Assign volunteers to serve using Elvanto
  • Monitor and respond to last minute drop outs. (If the Cooks can’t make it last minute, we order pizza!)
  • Check in with the cooks, assisting them if needed
  • Assist with any relevant announcements 
  • Prompt clean up team to start if required 
  • Report any breakages or other kitchen issues by email to
  • Recruit new team members and leaders
  • Review job descriptions from time to time
  • Between lunches review lunch menus with the Pre-Lunch leaders and assign lunch menus to particular dates

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