We want church to be safe for you and everyone else. That means that while we still gather for the same purpose – to meet with God in his word – we are also observing government COVID guidelines.
  • You need to check in at the top of the stairs and provide us with your name and wear the nametag provided as this is our method of tracking numbers in the building. Parents bringing a child must provide contact details on entry as a child safety measure.

The Premier has announced a number of COVID restrictions in effect for Sunday the 9th May 2021. These include: 

  • Masks are mandatory at church except on stage. 
  • No singing by the congregation (even with masks on).  
  • Kids Church and High School ministry unaffected but adults teaching should not be within 1.5m of other adults unless masked. 

We are a COVID-safe building.
We have a COVID-safe plan registered with the NSW government.

Meals at Church Events (including events in homes) and Morning Tea

  • People serving food must be symptom free for 14 days (applies even if they have had a negative COVID test).

Kids on Sunday

  • Parents are welcome to have their children with them in church or attend the relevant Kids Church class. 
  • We understand that children, especially young children, are not able to physically distance. However, parents and other adults caring for children and teaching children must endeavor to physically distance from other adults.
  • In the church service, we will endeavor to seat families with babies and young children in the kid-friendly area at the back. We understand that young children will roam a bit in this area – thats OK! Parents with older children should remain in their allocated seats. 
  • We understand that parents with babies may need to come and go between their seats in church and the foyer. We understand that parents with children in the pre-K class may need to come and go between their seats in church and the pre-K class. There is a change table in the ground floor disabled toilet. 
  • Our child protection policy requires that all children be checked-in each Sunday. 
  • Please ask our Greet Team (wearing the lanyards) if you have any questions. 
  • Children not yet attending school but able to walk  (Pre-K)
    • The pre K class is in the Chapel on the ground floor. 
    • Parents are welcome to stay in the room. The service is streamed on the big TV. 
  • Children in Primary School (K-6) 
    • The K-6 class is the basement. 
    • Parents leave their kids here and need to pick them up again promptly at the end of the service.
  • Getting into Church with Kids
    • Parents with strollers should use the mobility lift and enter church step-free via the basement entrance and the main lift. Parents entering via the basement and needing to drop off their children in the basement classes should do the drop-off before using the main lift to proceed directly to the check-in desk on the ground floor to check-in themselves and their children.
    • Parents not needing the mobility lift should use the main entrance up the stairs and check in all members of the family at the check-in desks before
      dropping children into Kids Church.
    • Parents of K-6 children should not enter classrooms and observe social distancing during drop-off and pick-up.

Guidelines for Church Meetings

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with generic govt and denominational guidelines: See the NSW Health link for advice on when to get tested.
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