We’re Hiring!

Scots is looking for a Music Co-ordinator 4 hours/week. 

This is a fixed-term appointment for a specific task. This role at Scots will cease in 8 months, and this contract will not be extended or rolled over. 

Activities at Scots not essential to your role should not be included in your hours. 

You are expected to be at Scots each Sunday from 9:30-11:30 am to support the music team. 

Remuneration will be determined by an hourly rate commensurate with qualifications and experience. 

Weekly Tasks 

Scheduling people in Elvanto each week and managing last-minute drop-outs

Scheduling songs in Elvanto each week, checking that the scheduled musicians can play the scheduled songs. 

Ensuring sheet music (hard copies) are provided for musicians 

Support the Team Leader and liaise with AV Team and Service Leader as required

(If you are away, the above tasks should be done ahead of time. Normally, scheduling is done at least 4 weeks in advance.)

Meet with the minister once a month (30 mins).

In consultation with the minister, introduce new songs and cull old ones; 

Ensure lyrics for new songs are in Elvanto, source sheet music and resources for musicians to learn these songs. 

Meet with the musicians once a term to get feedback, reinforce our vision and values, and work thru issues together. 

Organise training, tuition and rehearsal sessions as required.

If you’re interested in the role, please contact Craig.tucker@scotschurchsydney.org

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