Undercover Choir

What? Ssshhh… Don’t tell… but the Undercover Choir is starting. It’s a singing group rehearsing up to help enrich the congregational singing during the Scots service.
  • When? Sunday rehearsals 9.45am-10.10am, starting March 5th – April 9th (Easter)
  • Who? Anyone willing to give singing a go. 13yo and up. You don’t need music sight reading abilities.
  • Sign-up? Email Luke here music@scotschurchsydney.org
  • Who is leading the choir? Luke Sweeting
  • Is it auditioned? No it’s not. We welcome first-timers.
  • Does it cost money to join? No.
  • What if I can’t make all the rehearsals? Please try to make all/most rehearsals. We understand if you have life or Sunday morning serving clashes.
  • Why is it called ‘Undercover’? We are aiming to sing as a group in the seats, not on the stage.
  • Can my friend at church or even outside of church come and join? Yes.
  • Can my child participate? Children born 2010 or before may participate.

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