Lead in Prayer

By September 21, 2018Job Description

Why does this matter?

Prayer is a vital part of our relationship with God as individuals and as a church community. In public prayer you lead us in bringing our corporate concerns to God. What you pray for and how you pray powerfully models how we should relate to God.

What is involved?

  • Join those who are serving up the front in a time of prayer at 10:15am in the auditorium.
  • Know when you are on so there isn’t a gap while we wait for you to walk up the front. If you pray straight after a song it is your job to be there in time to tell people to sit down.
  • Stand in front of the microphone before speaking.
  • Introduce yourself and invite people to join you in prayer.
  • Take a breath and pause to settle yourself. Speak slightly slower than the pace that feels natural.
  • Sit down.

First and Second Prayer

There is a workshop on Leading in Prayer run from time to time. What follows here is a brief summary of how prayer is organised at Scots.

Different elements of Prayer are covered in First and Second Prayer. First Prayer focusses upon Praise/Adoration and Confession. Second Prayer follows the talk and makes specific requests and thanks God for who he is and what he has done.