Lunch Cleanup Job Description

Why does this matter?

Church lunch is an important way for us to connect together after church, meet new people, continue to discuss what we have heard about in God’s Word and encourage one another to live for Jesus in the week ahead.

The post lunch team sacrificially serve our church family by extending this time of connection for others over lunch. 

What is Involved?

There is time to eat! Get to the front of the queue and enjoy eating lunch. Start the clean up process once you have eaten. 

Break off into two smaller groups – clean up in the kitchen and pack up in the auditorium.

Kitchen Clean up


1x dishwasher operator – load/unload racks. Important to make sure racks are cycled around.

1x dryer – dry, stack and put away washed items

1x sorter – helps to sort out dirty plates and cutlery and make sure scraps are scrapped. Important to make sure racks/cutlery are not overloaded otherwise they won’t clean properly in the dishwasher

Depending on the amount to wash, there may be a need to hand wash large items like pots/pans. No more than 4 helpers otherwise it gets a little too busy in the kitchen

  • Put out dishwasher racks in servery window and position the bin below the window so that people can bring over their own dishes without entering the kitchen. 

  • Ensure the dishes are scraped well before putting them in them dishwasher. In particular it’s important to give clear instructions to the congregation to scrape before loading into the racks.

  • Run the dishwasher (instructions on the wall next to it) 

  • Dry/pack away crockery

  • Wipe down servery and kitchen benches

  • Collect wet tea towels and delegate to someone at church to take home and wash

Pack Up

People will volunteer at the end of lunch to serve. Put them to work packing up the main auditorium rather than adding more bodies to the kitchen. If volunteers don’t come forward a quick shout out should be enough. Aim for 4 helpers.

  • Take any remaining crockery to kitchen

  • Put the chairs back in rows 

  • Bundle up table clothes and delegate to someone at church to take home and wash

  • Pack down and roll away all tables to the sides

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