Let’s Read Luke’s gospel together

One of the best ways to investigate Christianity is to go straight to the source and read one of the eye witness accounts of Jesus. Luke’s gospel is a great place to start. 



  • Read a bit of Luke on your own with a pen in hand. Underline parts that stand out to you or that you have questions about.
  • The simplest way is to read 3 chapters each week and then discuss. It will take 8 weeks. 

Or we can follow the natural breaks and read:  

Luke 1:1-4:13

Luke 4:14-9:22

Luke 9:23-15:32

Luke 16-19

Luke 20-24



  • Meet to discuss the chapters we have read. 
  • Maybe to aid discussion, each share:
    • What questions did you have?
    • What did you notice about Jesus?


I won’t have all the answers! But if there are questions I can’t answer, I can find out from my Hub group or others at church. 

If you have lots of questions, you are also welcome to join us on Sunday mornings for church as a place you could learn more. 

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