The auditorium should be set up like this:

Lectern and piano to be left on stage like this:

Stacks of 6 chairs to be kept under the stairs on both sides of room, in 2 rows:

Room to be left under stairs on left side (when facing the stage) for fans and bar tables to be stored:

Chairs on floor:

  • Every column has the same amount of chairs 30 per column, 120 in total
  • Each column to have 5 rows.  4 in the first. 5 in the second. 6 in the third. 7 in the fourth. 8 in the fifth.
  • Masking tape on floor shows where the rows begin and end.
  • Chairs with arms are not to be stacked but should be used for the chairs on floor, in the front row and at the edges of rows.


4 stacks of 6 chairs to be left along back of auditorium, beside the glass doors (see images below):


Dining area: 

7 tables out, spread evenly through the room. 7 chairs around each table. 

Remaining tables to be stored in corners of room as shown. Round tables in the left corner (facing stage), rectangle tables in the right corner.

Remaining chairs to be stored in auditorium in stacks of 6 under the stairs. 

1 bin to be left (emptied and with new bin bag) outside kitchen door. 

High chairs stored in corner on right hand side (facing the stage).