Church is on every Sunday at 10:30am.

Our hope is that it is a helpful experience for people investigating Christianity and those who are already followers of Jesus. Most Sundays you will meet a group of people diverse in age and ethnic background.
People arrive from 10am and get coffee in the foyer. At 10:30am we all take a seat and things get officially underway.
Every week we will look at a short passage of the Bible and consider what God is revealing about himself in this passage and what are the implications for us. Someone up front will read the passage, someone else will explain the passage (for about 20 mins), and there is the opportunity to ask questions at the end. The passage we are looking at will be on the big screen and printed in the handout on your chair – you don’t need to bring a Bible. We will speak to God in prayer and sing to God in song. You won’t be asked to read anything, sing anything or say anything unless you are comfortable to do so. We are just pleased you have come. Most people dress casually.
The formal part of church is over about 11:30am and there is morning tea for those that hang around. There are usually people going out to lunch in the city and its easy to get invited along.

Wheelchair Access
The greeters at the front door can direct you to the wheelchair lift that provides step-free access into church.

Food Allergies
Morning tea is nut free and there is usually a lactose free option and gluten free option.

There is no collection at church. Regulars give online. You can make a one off or regular payment here.

Babies can stay with their parents. You can sit in church with everyone else or at the back behind the glass wall where you can see and hear (through the speaker) but kids noises won’t be noticed by others – its up to you where you sit.
Children old enough to walk can join our kids church program. Parents sign their children into the kids program from from 1010am in the rooms on your right as you come up the main stairs.  The kids are brought into church in the last 5 mins and will come and sit with you during the last song.

Some More Detail about Sundays…

The Bible
You don’t need to own a Bible or bring one along to church. The section we are looking at will always be printed on paper and given to everyone. You don’t need to be familiar with the Bible in order to come along and you won’t be asked any questions about the Bible or what you currently believe. We normally read a simple English translation (the Bible was originally written in Hebrew and Greek) called the New International Readers Version.
One of our core convictions is that God has revealed himself in his word, the Bible. If you are someone wanting to know God, nothing is going to be more helpful than looking at the Bible. Our normal practise is to work through a section of the Bible over a number of weeks. We don’t just look at the bits of the Bible we like and skip over the bits that make us uncomfortable or that don’t fit in with our own ideas. On the contrary, we expect that meeting God in his revealed word will challenge our ideas, our values and our lives. You can check out what part of the Bible we are currently looking at here.

Prayer and Song
Whenever we meet God in his word, there will always be things that need to change for us, new things to get our heads around, important things about God to rejoice in and praise him for. We ask God to change us and the world by speaking to him in prayer. When we pray in church, normally one person out the front speaks and the rest of us listen. We express that what they have said is what we also want to say to God by saying “Amen” at the end. Occasionally, we say short prayers aloud together, such as the Lord’s Prayer, these are always on the screen.
Because we believe God is interested in us personally and calls us into a relationship with him, in prayer and in song we speak to him about our feelings, our doubts, our struggles and our failures. We thank him for the ways he is good to us and we ask him to change and renew us. We normally sing 3 or 4 songs each Sunday. The person leading will indicate whether to stand or sit. Its ok not to sing if you don’t know the song or don’t wish to sing – no one will notice.