We want church to be safe for you and everyone else. That means that while we still gather for the same purpose – to meet with God in his word – it will feel a little different compared to what it was like before COVID.

Relevant COVID restrictions applying this Sunday (10:30am)
(updated 5th March 2021)

Who can come?

  • Please do not come to church if you are feeling unwell or have any flu-like symptoms. If you develop symptoms or start feeling sick while at church go home immediately. Please ask for assistance if you need help to get home safely. The service is still being streamed online. (If you are a volunteer, decline in Elvanto and the relevant coordinator will address the issue.)
  • Please do not come if you fit any of the categories that require self-isolation including having visited any of the relevant locations listed on the Health Dept website.

While at church: 

  • Where reasonably practical, ensure a distance of 1.5m at all times.
  • Observe the max per person room limits as displayed at all room entrances.
  • The State Govt QR code is available at the entry. You also need to check in at the top of the stairs and provide us with your name and wear the nametag provided as this is our method of tracking numbers in the building. We would appreciate your help with this! Parents bringing a child must provide contact details on entry as a child safety measure.
  • The Greet Team will track overall numbers (max occupancy 191 under the 4sqm rule as of 31st Jan). We reserve the right to ask people to leave as we approach this limit. Church is available online.

Guidelines for Church Meetings

  • Do not come into the church building if you are feeling unwell or have any flu-like symptoms. Contact the meeting organizer and decline. If you develop symptoms or start feeling sick while at church go home immediately. Please ask for assistance if you need help to get home safely. If you do not attend because you have flu-like symptoms It is now recommended that you get tested for COVID infection before attending in the future.
  • Apart from Sunday morning, the building is not yet open to the public. Keep the main gates closed and come and go through the York St door. Ensure this door is closed behind you.
  • Only those invited to meetings by the church organizer should attend the meeting. The meeting organizer is required to keep careful contact details of all who attend and to ensure these guidelines are adhered to. See COVID Guidelines for Staff and Meeting Organizers

This page will be updated regularly as govt restrictions change. 

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with generic govt and denominational guidelines: See the NSW Health link for advice on when to get tested.

NSW Govt | NSW Health | NSW Worksafe | Aust Govt Updates | PCNSW Updates | M&M Updates

We are a COVID-safe building.
We have a COVID-safe plan registered with the NSW government.

There is no collection at church.
Regulars give online.
You can make a one off or regular payment here.

Wheelchair Access
The greeters at the front door can direct you to the
access lift that provides step-free access into church.

The Bible in the City

One of our core convictions is that God has revealed himself in his word, the Bible. If you are someone wanting to know God, nothing is going to be more helpful than looking at the Bible.

Our vision is for people to find their joy and delight in God who has revealed himself to us in the Bible. As a church in the city, we aim to think deeply about how the gospel shapes all of life through the humble, careful and prayerful study of God’s Word. We long for God to do a deep work within each of us that we might survive and thrive amidst the complexities and challenges of city life. Our desire is that we would know God more deeply so that we might find our hope and delight in him, but also that we might be richly equipped to love the city.

Normally, we work our way through books of the Bible, section by section, Sunday by Sunday. We don’t just look at the bits of the Bible we like and skip over the bits that make us uncomfortable or that don’t fit in with our own ideas. On the contrary, we expect that meeting God in his revealed word will challenge our ideas, our values and our lives. You can check out what part of the Bible we are currently looking at here.

Each Wednesday, a network of groups meet to dive deeper and think practically about the piece of the Bible we looked at on the previous Sunday. You can listen to the Sundays talks online.

You don’t need to own a Bible or bring one along to church. The section we are looking at will be printed on paper and given to everyone or a Bible will be placed on your chair. You don’t need to be familiar with the Bible in order to come along and you won’t be asked any questions about the Bible or what you currently believe. We normally read a simple English translation called the New International Readers Version.

Whenever we meet God in his word, there will always be things that need to change for us, new things to get our heads around, important things about God to rejoice in and praise him for. We ask God to change us and the world by speaking to him in prayer. When we pray in church, normally one person out the front speaks and the rest of us listen. If what they have said is what we also want to say to God we can agree by saying “Amen” at the end. Occasionally, we say short prayers aloud together – these are always on the screen.

Because we believe God is interested in us personally and calls us into a relationship with him, in prayer and in song we speak to him about our feelings, our doubts, our struggles and our failures. We thank him for the ways he is good to us and we ask him to change and renew us. We normally sing 3 or 4 songs each Sunday. The person leading will indicate whether to stand or sit. It’s ok not to sing if you don’t know the song or don’t wish to sing – no one will notice.