17 March 2020 COVID-19 update: Hub Groups will meet online from Wednesday 18 March. Your group leaders will be in touch.


Our small groups all meet together at Scots Church on Wednesdays. Roll in after work anytime from 5:30pm-6:40pm. Dinner is 6-6:45pm ($5 donation). Groups run 6:40-7:55pm. You are on your way home by 8pm.

The city can feel busy, transitory and impersonal. Dinner is a great time to sit with whoever you want and meet people in the wider church family, then group time is an opportunity to connect more deeply with the same small group of people each week. Normally our groups read the passage studied last Sunday and reflect further on what the passage tells us about Jesus and what it means to follow him. Our hub groups are a great place to ask questions, raise doubts, share the joys and struggles of following Jesus, think concretely about how to apply the truth of the Bible to our lives and pray for one another.

Is Hub on this Wednesday? Check the current program..

There is a group for those investigating Christianity and an Easy English group that covers the same territory as our normal groups but caters for those still learning English.

In suburban churches, these small groups meet in homes after the evening commute. Running a Hub with a cluster of small groups straight after work is just one of the ways we are attempting to be a church community tailored for the city.