• Join us by clicking the link above anytime after 10:15am.
  • Please turn your webcam on so we can visually gather together. We are not putting on a show but gathering as a community. It helps us to see you engaged.  
  • You can leave your mic on. No one will hear you when we pray aloud and sing as you will be muted at our end unless we bring you in to ask a question.   
  • After the talk, you can signal you have a question by clicking the RAISE HAND button at the bottom of the screen. Make sure your mic is on!  
  • Please look up the Bible passage on a second device (phone, hardcopy Bible). It will make it easier to follow. The passage reference is below. 
  • Just as we chat informally at the end of church in the building, we will break into Hub groups at the end of church to connect briefly for those who are able to stay. Someone from you Hub Group has sent you an email with the link. If you are a visitor, stay online and someone from our team would love to chat briefly with you. 
  • We are taking some precautions to make church in the online enviroment a safe experience. Thanks for your co-operation. 
    • You will be prompted for your name and email address.  We will keep your data confidential and not share your details with third parties without your consent. 
    • Visitors are very welcome to join us but until we can identify you, you will be unable to ask a question or contribute in other ways.  Please fill in the response form that will appear at the end of church to let us know who you are. We would love to be in contact!  
    • Regular church members keeping their webcams on helps us to verify that it really is you and not a mimic.  

A video message from Craig Tucker

Also, see our latest COVID-19 update here