Scots Church Security Instructions for Hirers

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These guidelines may be updated from time to time by the Licensor.

One off hirers must pick up the tag and key prior to the event. Arrange to call in to the church office at an agreed time. Return key and tag to Scots Administrator within 3 days after the event. If you encounter any issues, please contact Scots Administrator on 0435 209 124.

On the Day

Opening Up

  • Remember to bring your tag.
  • Enter through the York St Door using your tag.
  • Disable the alarm if required according to the four-digit number provided to you and press ‘off’.
  • Unclip the main gates (Margaret Street) if required.
  • If required, use the keypad near the lift entry to unlock the glass doors. Instructions are typed up next to the doors.
  • If wheelchair access is required ask the Portico concierge to give access to the car-park and access through our carpark door to the lift.

Locking Up

Strangers may come into the building while it is open and attempt to remain behind after we leave. Alternatively, they may open a window which is used later to gain access to the building. It is important for their safety that they not be left in the building overnight and important for staff, cleaners or hirers who may enter the building alone the next morning that the building be left empty and secure.

  • Leave all areas tidy and all rubbish in bins.
  • Auditorium users should ensure the auditorium is left as follows: Inside the glass auditorium with 70 seats in horseshoe rows. Chairs should be stacked 6 high at the sides. All other folding tables to be folded and stacked. Close all ground floor windows in the auditorium.
  • Users of the Front Meeting Rooms should leave the rooms as per the diagram in the Front Meeting Area. Turn off the aircon. Ensure the main door is closed.
  • Lock the main glass doors (with the PIN on the printed instructions beside the keypad near the ground floor lift entry). This needs to be done even if there are other groups in the building.
  • If the last group in the building for the day, clip the main gates



  • Check the kitchen lights are turned off (light switch inside the kitchen)
  • Turn off auditorium lights via keypad near the main auditorium doors
  • Turn off the foyer lights via the keypad by York St exit

Other Spaces (if used)

  • First floor offices and toilets
  • Ground Floor side rooms and toilets (Check York St side-room windows are latched)
  • Kids Church area
  • Lift

Arm the alarm and exit via the York St door.

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