Upcoming Talks

Our vision is for people to find their joy and delight in God through meeting him in his revealed word the Bible. As a church in the city, we aim to think deeply about how the gospel shapes all of life through the careful and prayerful study of God’s Word. We long for God to do a deep work within each of us that we might survive and thrive amidst the complexities and challenges of city life, and be richly equipped to love the city.

Each Sunday, we normally work our way through books of the Bible, section by section, in order to hear and learn from all that God has to say. Each Wednesday a network of groups meet to dive deeper and think practically about the piece of the Bible we looked at on the previous Sunday. You can listen to the Sundays talks online here.

Come and join us, you are welcome to take your time and check us out without any pressure to join or make a decision. We hope that “listening in” will give you a feel for the rich life God offers you in coming to know him.


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What you believe shapes who you are.
James’ letter in the New Testament teases out a set of practical ways how the gospel, the good news about Jesus, will shape the way you live.

Sun, Aug 26 James 1:1-18 How does what you believe change how you handle setbacks?
Sun, Sep 2 James 1:19-27 How is what you believe helping you to listen?
Sun, Sep 9 James 2 Does what you believe change how you treat people?
Sun, Sep 16 James 3:1-4:12 Does what you believe change how you talk?
Sun, Sep 23 James 4:13-5:12 Does what you believe change how you plan?
Sun, Sep 30 James 5:13-5:20 Does what you believe change how you cope when you feel like you aren’t coping?