Morning Tea

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Why does this matter?

Connecting over Morning Tea is a vital part of Sunday morning as we meet new people, continue to discuss what we have heard about in God’s Word and encourage one another to live for Jesus in the week ahead. It’s an opportunity to provide warm hospitality to newcomers and visitors.

What is Involved?

Before church

  • Morning Team Leader: Buy 1L of milk  – this can be reimbursed by the church if desired (through Elvanto)

10:00am Sunday (please arrive by 10:00am).

  • Fill up the hot water urn (only 1/3-1/2 way so that it doesn’t take too long) and turn it on.
  • Set out coffee plungers, teabags (arranged nicely, grouped according to type), milk and sugar.
  • Set out mugs, water bottles and glasses for water.
  • Maybe fill ½-1 coffee plunger (a lot of people will buy coffee on the way in) – wait until someone wants a coffee or wrap a tea towel around the plunger to keep it hot. I used ~3 scoops per plunger (reckon it only fills 3-4 full mugs although I was filling them up pretty full).
  • Set out one tray of biscuits to be eaten before the service starts.
  • Optional: Arrange morning tea food onto serving platters (depending on the food and how long it takes – could also do this just before the service ends).
  • Before you join the service, fill up the hot water urn to capacity and turn it on.
  • Keep the back kitchen door locked and the front kitchen door closed during the service.

Exit the service during the last song.

  • Arrange morning tea food onto serving platters and set out in the morning tea area (you can use the wooden table/display cabinet in the middle of the floor).
  • Fill and brew both coffee plungers.
  • Refill milk as needed.
  • Be warm and welcoming!
  • Ideally, if 2 people are rostered on, one person can look after the tea and coffee station (including redoing the coffee plungers as needed) and the other person can be ‘on the floor’, checking that the food is being eaten, restocking food if possible, collecting cups if needed. Greeters could possibly help with this, although it would be good to free them up to chat to particular people.

Clean up afterwards.

  • Run the dishwasher (instructions on the wall next to it!) and dry/pack away mugs and platters
  • Discard perishables (or take them home).
  • Store any dry food that could be used the next week.
  • Unplug/empty the hot water urn and rinse out coffee plungers o Take home and wash used tea towels and return the following week (happy for you to use your judgement – ok to leave them hanging to dry by themselves too!)
  • Let the Co-ordinator know if the food supplies are insufficient for the following week. Types of food which will be in the morning tea supplies drawer:
    • Chocolate biscuits
    • Normal biscuits
    • Crackers or savory biscuits
    • Chips (+ dip sometimes)

There is no need to bring food. If you really want to bring something it must be nut free.

Apart from milk, unless asked to purchase supplies by the Co-ordinators, we won’t reimburse you for morning tea that you purchase. 

Questions? Need to contact Co-ordinator?
A coordinator for Morning Tea is rostered on for each Sunday. Look in Elvanto and use the Elvanto Church Directory to contact them.

Click here to check when you are serving on the Scots Church Sydney Elvanto app.

What if I can’t serve in my rostered role on a particular Sunday?
If you need to drop out in the week leading up to particular Sunday, mark yourself Declined for this role for that Sunday.
If you know ahead of time that you will be absent from church, mark yourself as Unavailable for that Sunday, so you don’t get rostered onto anything. How to mark yourself Unavailable.
Church involves lots of people serving in different ways. So we all know who is serving in a particular role on a particular day, please don’t arrange by yourself a swap with someone else. If you Decline or mark yourself Unavailable your coordinator will get notified and sort it out.

For Elvanto support email Emily our church administrator (Tues-Thurs). 


The Co-ordinator(s) works behind the scenes to resource this ministry. A coordinator will be rostered on (look in Elvanto) each week to deal with last minute drop-outs.

  • Recruit new volunteers (subject to sign off from Serve Director).
  • Provide training for new volunteers.
  • Manage and replenish morning tea supplies.
  • Liaise regularly with team leaders.
  • Proactively monitor the effectiveness of our Hospitality Ministry against the overall Scots vision and suggest changes to the Serve Director.
  • Liaise with the Serve Director as required (including issues with other groups using the kitchen, equipment or personnel).
  • Monitor and manage volunteer drop-outs.

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