Scots Vision & Mission

Dear all,

We have been unable to put up all the ideas that the vision community made at our last retreat. Please click the link below to see all the ideas.  Please remember that these are “jotted down” ideas. In other words, they will appear incomplete and there will be some cross overs of ideas. We will be using our next retreat to do hard drafting work to tighten the expression etc. You will also see that some of the ideas pursue more than one value. I have put them in the columns to make it easier to digest the ideas and to give you some sense of what it might look like to make our values have concrete plans.

I would love to receive your feedback on what you believe Scots may become in three to five years. Maybe you want to heartily endorse an idea put forward. Maybe you think the idea has some things to work through before you could consider it. Maybe you have an idea about which we have not thought.   

Please send those thoughts through to us in each case (all your thoughts  or comments on our Mission, Values and Vision) to the Vision Team at

Regards Peter (Luke, Ngaire) 

9 July 2021