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By February 5, 2019Job Description

Why does this matter?

Unlike churches in the suburbs, our groups meet for a collective meal in the city and then break into fixed small groups for discussion. Dinner provides busy and often lonely city workers with the opportunity to connect with a larger and more diverse group of people than just their small group. After dinner, the groups provide the opportunity to go deep with a more intimate sized group. For time-poor city workers the timing of these groups, especially a hard finish time of 8pm is a key part of shaping a ministry for our city context.

Our goal at Scots is to be a community where: (1) The gospel is challenging unbelievers as they listen in on what we believe, observe what it looks like in practice (even beginning to taste it for themselves as they start working out what they believe). (2) The gospel is continuing to do a deep and rich work within believers producing tangible change in every area with regard to what we do and what we value.

The format of following on from the Sunday talk allows groups to focus on practical out workings. In an information rich age what is often lacking is a focus on putting truth into practice. Inductive Bible studies with a heavy comprehension/exegesis component prior to considering practical applications have a place in giving people skills in interpreting the Bible for themselves but will not be the main staple of our groups. Our small groups will mainly follow the Sunday talk series and ‘go deeper’ on the same passage.

Our small groups are an important place for the gospel to be both “taught” and “caught”. We want our small groups to be safe places where people can ask questions, raise doubts, share struggles, talk positively and creatively about how to apply the gospel to specific areas of life, challenge each other in concrete ways, pray specifically for one another, laugh and weep together!


What is Involved?

Each Hub Group has a Leadership Group usually consisting of two Leaders (male and female) and one or two Assistant Leaders. All these positions are appointed by the elders and overseen by the Hub Group Coordinator.

It is assumed that the role of facilitating group discussion on a given night will be shared among the Leadership Group. The role of facilitating group discussion on a given night is to be coordinated by the Group Leaders together and shared among the Leadership Group. If one member of the leadership team leads the discussion, another might lead the prayer time, or prayer could be done in smaller groups with several facilitators. etc. Others in the group might also be asked by the group leader to facilitate group discussion on a given night but at this early stage of church life check with Craig first. Normally in our groups, men & women will lead the discussion on different nights. However, be discerning about who they ask not simply “giving everyone a go”.

The main difference between Leader and Assistant Leader is that the Leader(s) co-ordinate the Leadership Group.

The Leadership Team are responsible to lead the group towards maturity in Christ.

While we want to create a culture where the success of the group is everyone’s responsibility, the role of the Leadership group includes:

  • Ensuring the group starts and finishes on time,
  • Reminding the group as appropriate of their purpose and agreed expectations,
  • Nurturing healthy group dynamics and attending to relational difficulties between group members,
  • Fostering a connection between the group and linked people.
  • Being present, on time and engaged over dinner. Dinner is an important part of making Hub work – it provides a sense of being part of a wider fellowship and an opportunity to connect more deeply with group members. Leaders and assistant leaders should model using dinner strategically.


Leaders and Assistant Leaders should meet together (maybe about every 2 months) for feedback, prayer and encouragement, but probably need to touch base by phone, email or a brief “footpath conversation” more often. As a team…

  • Provide regular feedback to one another about how the group is going. Be positive. When you aren’t leading the discussion be particularly observant about the members of the group and their level of engagement with one another.
  • Evaluate how the group is going as a safe place where true feelings can be shared and group members are moving toward the next step of involvement in the life of the church.
  • Identify members in the group that may require specialized pastoral care. If its something beyond the ability of the group to care for contact Craig for appropriate resourcing.
  • Plan together. Communicate with one another ahead of time if you will be absent.
  • Identify group members who need to be developed as group leaders or in another area of ministry.

Click here to check when you are serving on the Scots Church Sydney Elvanto app.

What if I can’t serve in my rostered role on a particular Sunday?
If you need to drop out in the week leading up to particular Sunday, mark yourself Declined for this role for that Sunday.
If you know ahead of time that you will be absent from church, mark yourself as Unavailable for that Sunday, so you don’t get rostered onto anything. How to mark yourself Unavailable.
Church involves lots of people serving in different ways. So we all know who is serving in a particular role on a particular day, please don’t arrange by yourself a swap with someone else. If you Decline or mark yourself Unavailable your coordinator will get notified and sort it out.

For Elvanto support email Dan our church administrator (Tues-Thurs). 

Hub Group Co-ordinator:

The Co-ordinator(s)

  • Appoint Group Leaders and Assistant Leaders. Supports and Resources Hub Leaders and Assistant Leaders
  • Organises Hub Leaders meetings (about once a term).
  • Appoints people to groups (in consultation with Group Leadership)

Rostering Groups to Clean Up, Co-ordinating Dinner, Setup, Clean-Up, Lock Up and Everything that happens Wednesday Nights outside of groups is the role of the Dinner Co-ordinator.

Wed Night Dinner
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