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Why does this matter?

All sorts of people come through the grand and slightly intimidating front steps of Scots on a Sunday: those seeking God and perhaps coming to a church for the first time, those returning after a bad experience at church in the past, perhaps a visitor to the city where a change of context is a time to rethink the big questions of life. Regulars coming to church may have had a fantastic or a terrible week and are struggling to get there. The reception people receive at the door can set the tone for church being a place where everyone is welcome –no matter who they are or how they are feeling. Be prayerful for your greeting ministry. Your welcome may be part of the morning being a significant encounter with God.

What is Involved?

Preparation (10:00-10:10am)

  • Get to church before 10:00am.
  • All contents needed should be in greeting box in church office.
  • Leave personal items such as bags inside church office.
  • Team members to wear a ‘Greeting’ lanyard found in box. A keycard to open most doors is inside the lanyard.

Leader to delegate the following tasks:

  • 2x team members to Place pens, bulletins, and response cards on each seat in auditorium, not in the elastic seat holder on the back of each chair.
  • 1x team member to set up A-frame outside and table with nametags. Set up bar tables at front of the church, just at the entrance.

Before Church (10:10-10:45am)

  • At 10:10am open up front gate and the glass doors at the top of the stairs. Dim Lights and close auditorium doors Introduce yourself; give each person a nametag by asking their name and writing it down for them. Stay at the door till 10:45am.
  • Whole team to work the front door so that when new people come they can accompany them up the stairs or delegate this role to regulars also entering.
    • Try and stand to the side or in front of the table, not behind it.
  • New? One team member, or a regular church attender, to escort them into the auditorium and introduce them to some regulars. Give new individuals coffee voucher. It is not your role alone to welcome this person but rather to co-ordinate the welcoming.
  • English as a second language? Offer individuals a copy of the sermon script to help them in the service.
  • Kids? Inform them of Kids Church, which is up the stairs and to the right.
  • Stroller? Take them down the stairs, use ‘Greeting’ keycard at double brown doors and direct them to elevator, or help them lift the pram up the stairs.
  • Wheelchair access? Find ‘Wheelchair Remote’ in the kitchen drawer next to the 2nd sink, and follow instructions on the wall next to the Wheelchair lift platform.
  • Toilets? Ladies toilets are under the stairs, Men’s upstairs.

During Church (10:45-11:30am)

  • Leader to delegate one team member to sit in the foyer until the sermon starts. When it starts, close the glass doors. Try and sit next to a visitor.
  • Other team members enter into church, with blue boxes with them for collecting response cards during the last song.

Click here to check when you are serving on the Scots Church Sydney Elvanto app.

What if I can’t serve in my rostered role on a particular Sunday?
If you need to drop out in the week leading up to particular Sunday, mark yourself Declined for this role for that Sunday.
If you know ahead of time that you will be absent from church, mark yourself as Unavailable for that Sunday, so you don’t get rostered onto anything. How to mark yourself Unavailable.
Church involves lots of people serving in different ways. So we all know who is serving in a particular role on a particular day, please don’t arrange by yourself a swap with someone else. If you Decline or mark yourself Unavailable your coordinator will get notified and sort it out.

For Elvanto support email Dan our church administrator (Tues-Thurs). 

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