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Why does this matter?

All sorts of people come through the grand and slightly intimidating front steps of Scots on a Sunday: those seeking God and perhaps coming to a church for the first time, those returning after a bad experience at church in the past, perhaps a visitor to the city where a change of context is a time to rethink the big questions of life. Regulars coming to church may have had a fantastic or a terrible week and are struggling to get there. The reception people receive at the door can set the tone for church being a place where everyone is welcome –no matter who they are or how they are feeling. Your welcome may be part of the morning being a significant encounter with God.

There are a team of 3 greeters appointed each Sunday. While one is the designated leader (see roster in Elvanto) it is everybody’s responsibility to communicate clearly and serve in a proactive and co-ordinated way.

What is Involved?

Preparation (9:45-10:00am)

  • Get to church at 9:45am
  • Team Leader to lead greet team in short 1 minute prayer
  • Team Leader to advise of any changes to normal job description for that week
  • All contents needed should be in greeting box in church office.
  • Leave personal items such as bags inside church office.
  • Team members to wear a ‘Greeting’ lanyard found in box. A keycard to open most doors is inside the lanyard.

Team Leader to delegate the following tasks:

  • Place pens, bulletins, and response cards on each seat in auditorium (not in the elastic seat holders)
  • Leave 10 bulletins on outside tables for mums and latecomers
  • Set up A-frame outside the gates, and table with nametags and Easy English printouts
  • Set up bar tables at front of the church, just at the entrance.
  • Write out and give nametags to those already inside Scots

Before Church (10:00:10-30am)

  • 2x Greeters introduce yourself, give each person a nametag by asking their name and writing it down for them. Try and stand to the side or in front of the table.
    • If they have kids: Inform them of Kids Church
    • If it is a new person: Team Leader to write down their name on a separate list (back of response card) for the Follow Up Team
  • 1x Greeter to stand at the top of the stairs and walk people into the auditorium to talk to a regular
  • Other Key Information
    • Stroller? Take them down the stairs, use ‘Greeting’ keycard at double brown doors and direct them to elevator, or help them lift the pram up the stairs.
    • Wheelchair access? Find ‘Wheelchair Remote’ in the kitchen drawer next to the 2nd sink, and follow instructions on the wall next to the Wheelchair lift platform.
    • Toilets? Ladies toilets are under the stairs, Men’s upstairs.

During Church (10:30-11:30am)

  • Leave 2 greeters at the front door til 10:45am
  • 1 greeter to sit in the foyer. When the sermon stars, close the glass doors
    • Give bulletings to all late comers and usher inside
    • Set out back row chairs if needed
  • Other greeters to enter into church after 10:45am
    • Bring blue containers with them for collecting response cards
    • In the last song, greeters to hand around blue containers to collect the response cards
  • Team Leader to add extra details to newcomer list
    • Drop in blue box for follow up team

Morning Tea (11:30 – 12:00pm)

  • Try to greet newcomers who wish to leave quickly. Be sensitive that some newcomers may wish to remain anonymous (eg. address, why visiting, etc.)
  • Talk to newcomers and take a real interest in them, ensure visitors are not on their own, introduce them to regulars
  • Clean up auditorium: place unmarked bulletins back into greeting box, marked bulletins into the bin, place left over response cards and pens in greeting box
  • Return greeting box in cubical bookshelf in church office

Team Leader

  • On the day, give clear constructive feedback to your team. It’s the Team Leader’s role to train and direct greet team in best practice
  • Be alert to those new to serving in this role and connect with them during the week.
    • You will usually get an email ahead of time if someone is new
    • Model for them how to speak to someone who arrives or roleplay these conversations
  • Set an example: aim to arrive ahead of time, be focused on the task and be gracious with team members
  • People can drop out unexpectedly, expect to redeploy and recruit others as required
  • Be familiar with the Greeting Job Description (this page)
  • Be familiar with how the wheelchair lift works
  • Be familiar with the fire exits and fire procedure and be willing to direct people out of the building if required
  • Give your team encouragement and feedback for serving afterwards in person, text or email
  • Pray for your team leading up to and on the day. A quick helpful prayer might be:

Father God we thank You because You welcome and love all people.  We pray that You might help us to welcome people warmly just as You have welcomed us warmly through the cross.  Help us to be mindful of those who in the city might be lonely, busy or sceptical of church.  May our church be a place where we and all who come today find rich connection with You and Your people. Amen.

Click here to check when you are serving on the Scots Church Sydney Elvanto app.

What if I can’t serve in my rostered role on a particular Sunday?
If you need to drop out in the week leading up to particular Sunday, mark yourself Declined for this role for that Sunday.
If you know ahead of time that you will be absent from church, mark yourself as Unavailable for that Sunday, so you don’t get rostered onto anything. How to mark yourself Unavailable.
Church involves lots of people serving in different ways. So we all know who is serving in a particular role on a particular day, please don’t arrange by yourself a swap with someone else. If you Decline or mark yourself Unavailable your coordinator will get notified and sort it out.

For Elvanto support email Dan our church administrator (Tues-Thurs). 

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