Operation guide for CHUBBS Security System


When the System goes offline, check inside Windows that the computer is connected to the LAN and the IP address is set as follows: 



Use the spare cards in the top drawer of the brown cabinet.

*Some cards are registered in the system with their printed numbers, some with the 3 digit number on their label stickers. If you are confused by the system, the best way to check is to tap the card at any door and look up the user number in CHUUBS (History > Live Event Log)

  • Change the status of the card to ‘Active’ (Users > Status > Active)
  • Do not change the user number. If the printed number on the card does not match with its user number in the system, make a label sticker with the user number in the system to label the card.
  • Access permissions: leave the ‘Alarm Group’ as ‘Master’. Edit access via ‘door group’ section.
  • Let the cardholder choose a pin number. Otherwise, use the date (DD/MM) of creating the card as the pin.
  • Lanyards are in the bottom drawer of the brown cabinet.

To check which doors are under each door group: Users > Door Groups 

  • Look under the ‘Description’ column for access. Right click to grant access (Add Time Zone) or remove access (Delete Time Zone).
  • Mezzanine Office Door (door no. 25) is Geneva Push offices.
  • Ground Church Entry (door no. 23) are the main doors to the auditorium.



If the card has been lost: Users > Status > Lost

If the card is returned to the office: Users > Status > Expired. Then delete the pin, if any.