What follows here is a fairly detailed and dense statement of belief. This is not the place to start! You might like instead to begin here:

What is a Christian?

Because belief and action go together, this statement of belief should be read in conjunction with our vision:

Our Vision

What We Believe:

We are a Trinitarian church.

We believe the good news that Jesus, God’s eternal Son, who is both fully God and fully human, was put to death on a cross in Jerusalem almost 2,000 years ago as an atonement for the sins of the world but has been raised by God the Father to deathless life and given all authority in heaven and earth, including the authority to judge and forgive. In trusting Jesus we have come to know for ourselves – forgiveness of sin, peace with God, the gift of His Holy Spirit, adoption as His children, and the hope of a bodily resurrection and eternal life in a new creation. In coming to know Jesus as God’s Son we have also been brought to know God the Father who sent the Son into the world, and God the Spirit whom the Father entrusted to the Son to pour out on those who trust Him. Thus we confess One God, Father, Son and Spirit, the Creator of all there is.

We are a Bible based church.

We can know this gospel because God has revealed himself to us in the Scriptures of the Old and New Testament. In the New Testament we find the witness of the apostles, Jesus’ chosen messengers, to the life, death, rising and teaching of Jesus. In the Old Testament we find the story of God’s unfolding plan that is fulfilled in Jesus. All the books of the Bible faithhfully and reliably reveal what God is like us and tell us all we need to know to trust and follow Jesus.

We are a church on Mission.

We believe that the good news of Jesus is for all. We actively seek to share it with our city, and to participate in its spread throughout the world. We do this because we believe God wants all people to be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth of Jesus, for He is the only Saviour, and the Saviour of the world. Collectively as a church in our gatherings and individually in all of life, we long to live lives of thanks and worship to God that commend the gospel to all.

We are a Presbyterian church.

We are part of the fellowship of churches that belong to the Presbyterian Church in Australia. We rejoice in a rich theological Reformation heritage. A detailed statement of what we believe together is the Declaratory Statement of 1901 to which all our elders and pastors must subscribe.

This statement has been adapted from the Bundoora Presbyterian website.